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A Complete turn-key provider

Davan, a General Contractor since 1987, has completed 25 turf fields in only the last four years.
Davan can provide all that’s required for the successful completion of any athletic field project, including turf removal, base construction, and all other related services. We all know how complicated and expensive projects can get when multiple vendors are involved. With Davan on your side, that’s not a concern.

Davan does not subcontract the artificial grass installation work to other companies, and our site supervisors have many years experience installing turf fields, including FIFA, IRB and FIH products manufactured by Edel Grass.

FIFA grants two kinds of licenses—a “Standard License” and the far more prestigious “Preferred Producer License.”
Davan is the exclusive representative in Canada and USA of Edel Grass B.V., one of a handful of FIFA Preferred Producers in the world. Unlike a Standard Licensee, a FIFA Preferred Producer has to meet higher quality standards, and FIFA Total Quality Service is guaranteed by:

- Additional expertise in civil engineering and project management
- Full responsibility for the production, installation and maintenance from inception to completion
- High level of service and continuous development of artificial grass soccer products
- Experience as a FIFA Quality Concept licensee with FIFA RECOMMENDED fields

The Davan Group & Edel grass

The Davan Group represents Edel Grass in Canada & The United States.
Edel Grass has over 30 years of experience manufacturing Artificial Grass Sports Field products.
Their products meet or exceed the most rigorous play specifications.
Not only is Edel Grass one the top FIFA preferred producers (as mentioned above), but they are also one of the top recognized IRB-International Rugby Board preferred turf producers as well. Davan's partnership with Edel Gerass has proven to be a huge success.

Athletic field installation process

Excavation and removal of existing natural field turf, removal of all topsoil is critical as construction of field must be on compactable suitable material.

The preparation of this is critical as this will reflect on the surface if the sub base is uneven. Davan uses laser augmented equipment to achieve 0.5% cross slope which is critical in moving of water from the playing surface.

Upon completion of sub base, collector trench is excavated, this is the method of which all storm water will be removed from site as well as hold water to reduce the flow into many existing storm systems. This piping is usually perforated Dual walled HDPE pipe.

A liner that water will not flow through is placed over entire playing surface, this is key to moving of water to the collector system. As the subsurface has been sloped to 0.5%, the water flows to the collector system.

Upon placement of the liner, flat drains are placed on a diagonal fashion, these drains facilitate the movement of water to the collector system.

This system is a free flowing compactible system. We use a material classed as Granular O, this is placed using laser guided to create a perfect surface, this layer is very important as it must be compacted and also be free flowing, as water must travel through this with no restrictions.

Concrete curbing around the perimeter is very crucial as it must be completely level, the importance of is also key as this could be the inside edge of a running track, in some instances the curb consists of a drain which is built into the curb system, the curb also is the means of which the turf is fastened or attached.

Installation of turf is the final step but also very important, layout, method of joining turf panels using stitching or gluing, infill materials and logo, numbers and sport designation is all part of the process.

Maintenance and service are also very important in maintaining the investment of our athletes, Davan’s service program maintains and keeps your turf performing at its designed level.


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